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We are located between Weimar and Columbus Texas. Our goal is to raise longhorns that are colorful, produce a lot of horn, have good conformation and gentle dispositions. Our herd is small but I think we have built up a great set of colorful foundation cows. We don't offer too many older cows for sale so when you see one you like come up for sale you better act fast before we change our mind. It's really hard not to keep them all!! Our foundation is based on some of the best bulls in the industry including Boomerang CP, V.J. Tommie, J.R. Grand Slam, JP Rio Grande, Awesome Alamo, Coach, and Gunman. We hope you’ll check back often to watch us grow. We are excited to be in the Longhorn business and look forward to helping you find that perfect addition for your herd.





Current Updates Below

Well we are still hanging in the Longhorn Business. Our bull Rowdy made a full recovery after about a 3 month ordeal last Fall. It goes to show what a great and easy to handle boy he is as he was penned this whole time and had to be caught daily in the chute for water therapy and antiseptic spray. We are still going more commercial and have a nice looking black angus bull out here along with Rowdy. We will let the chips fall where they will and see who has more calves this next year. It will be easy to tell the differance as the Angus calves will be mostly black and not have any horns. We will still offer a limited amount of registered Longhorns for sale. We still have some leftover JR Flash calves hitting the ground now. I will list new calves as they get a little closer to being weaning age on our sale page.

Sadly I would like to announce that we are getting out of the business of Registered Longhorns. Due to many reasons including just the overall market, my husbands health, the time consumed keeping track of everything, and running with 3 little kids who for now are more sports based in their interests. We want to give a big shout out and THANK YOU to all of our past customers!!!! And the many friends we have made along the way! 

Now that all being said, we will still have plenty of Registered calves for sell in 2020. And for the most part we are keeping a lot of our favorite Longhorn cows and will be going to an easier commercial based operation. We will be putting an Angus bull on them and just selling cross bred calves at the sale barn. I will be making determinations in the coming months on a few of the registered cows that will be put up for sale by private treaty or put in a Longhorn sale next year. Lots of decisions to be made yet! We will probably be keeping our bull LL Rejects Rowdy. He is special to us but also he was recently injured and cut one of his testicles pretty bad. He may still be able to pasture breed (time will tell) but we are still putting a commercial bull out here and will run them together. If he does Sire a couple of calves a year they will have DNA completed (which we were doing already) and I may have just a handful of Longhorn calves available. Stay tuned for updates! Nothing is fully set in stone. Its been a difficult process for us!


We have had a busy summer and busy back to school with the kids. I am finally able to just now start getting out to get new pictures of the herd. I hope to have this process complete by the end of October so please check back for updates!! I also have many calves that have yet to be added for sale to the website. Please check back, I will try to get pictures of these in the next week or so to get that part updated. Many will be weaned and ready to go by November. We also plan on doing the fall herd work up on 10-9-18 so I hope to get the new measurements added to the website in the week after this.

I have put together a long article about everything that I know about Longhorns and their care. I have included products and where you can find them. It's a long read and I have probably forgotten to include something but it's listed below and on the sale page if you want to take the time to look at it. It covers lots of questions that I routinely get from people looking to own or get into the Longhorn business. A lot of this is my personal opinion and experience and not every contact or product is listed. Click here for Cattle/Product information.

We are currently working to update all the animals pictures on the entire website. We hope to have it completed by the end of the summer. Just to note, progeny listed below the cows pages is not a complete list. Somtimes we forgot to take a picture before the animal was sold, especially if it was a bull or other cull calf that might have gone to the local auction barn. Just because a calf is a heifer does not mean it makes it to be sold as registered stock. We have also tested the entire herd several times this year and have a Johne's Negative Herd. We have also changed some of our management practices to ensure that it stays this way!! For more information on this disease please click here.

We got an amazing opportunity to "upgrade" our Herd with a new bull, J.R. Flash. He is a flashy black and white bull who is HUGE, tall and muscular. His size can only be appreciated in person. He is super tame and gentle too which is great for passing along this temperment to his offspring. He is also 84.25 inches TTT as a 6 year old. You can't beat that!!!!!!! We have now sold Jolt Loof but most of the cows were already bred to him. So 2017 calves will mostly be out of Jolt but 2018 will be mostly be out of Flash.

Also worth noting is that we have competed DNA markers on the whole herd. Especially now since we have 2 bulls we will be doing DNA Parentage Verification on all the new calves born starting in 2017. This is not yet a requirement for registration (although we think it should be) but we are getting ahead of the game and think it adds a significant value to the animal you are purchasing!!!!!!!


Our goal for the future will be to once again have a black and white Herd Sire who will throw us more black and white calves to sell. Its our favorite color and often we find lots of folks are looking for it too. We have found a new black and white bull to accomplish this. His name is Jolt and he is a beautiful black and white speckled bull who comes to us from a great longhorn producer, Dickinson Cattle Company. He is very gentle and easy to work with and the kids love him too. We have sold JH Big Rigg and may end up using a new little bull LL Reject's Rowdy for our brindle cows. He is being shown for the 2015/16 year and will come back to us late summer 2016. We should have lots of black and white speckled babies coming up in Spring and Sumer of 2016!!!


I have recently started to put pictures of the cows progeny on their pages.  This is just to show you what they can produce and what colors they have thrown. I do not have complete pictures of all their calves though. I did not always keep pictures,  especially if it was a bull calf that was going to be sent to the local sale barn. Trying to do better for the future but somtimes I just have to weed through the older pictures and delete. I probably have over 1,000 pictures of cows on my computer already, LOL.


We have sold a lot of cows this year so in turn we have recently been on a buying spree!!! We have added lots of new cows to our Foundation Herd. Some are older cows ready to produce and some are still babies that have some growing up to do. We are excited with every new purchase to add to this herd and breed what we love. We have lots and lots of color, which we love!!

We've added lots of new Awesome Alamo daughters to the mix. We love the color he throws and the size he puts on his progeny. We like a big bodied cow with lots of color and also a nice sized horn base, not too big and not pencil horned. Any chance we get and can afford it, we also love twisty horns too. Thats what we are trying to do here. Can't wait to see what the future holds.

There are lots of new calves that we will wait to post on the "For Sale" page until they are weaned and ready to go. We are looking at about the first part of  January until they are ready. Also, most all of the pictures are up to date. We are working cows on Monday, October 27th, so I will have new measurements up hopefully by the following week.








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I get so many telemarketers and robo calls from my phone number being online that I usually won't pick up right away. If you are interested in cows/calves PLEASE leave me a voicemail and I promise I will get back with you.