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Most of the Dams can be viewed on the Our Herd portion of our website (click pictures for more info). If you need more pictures or information just contact us. Most of the registration certificates below are listed as a link to a PDF and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Prices depend on age, color, pedigree, pregnancy status and horn for their age. There are so many factors that go into pricing including how much feed/time I have invested in them. I will list at the top of the page prices current as of and a date. If you see that this page has not been updated in a while, all prices are subject to change!!! You can also put a $250 deposit down on any animal and make payments. Animals must be paid in full before pick up!!

All animals are already registered with the TLBAA or will be once I come up with a good name, unless otherwise stated. If you purchase one that says "Unnamed" then you can pick the name for registration. All of our animals are given a dose of Blackleg, Vira Shield VL5HB+Sombus, and Ivomec wormer twice a year. We usually vaccinate everyone at the same time (as their age permits) in April or May AND October or November when we also do horn measurements.  The date always depends on when we can get help to work the cows. ALL cows and heifers are OCV'D or have their official calfhood vaccination done by our local vet, which means they all have been given their Brucellosis (Bang's shot). Our herd is Johne's Free (Negative). We also test all sale animals and will give you a health certificate showing that your animal has been tesed and is Johne's negative. This is something new that we have started doing in 2017. All young (never been bred) heifers will also be ultrasounded to prove that they are normal breeders, this is also something new we have started to do to ensure that you are buying a quality animal with no problems. 

Unfortunately, we are NOT able to deliver any cattle purchased unless you are within about 30 miles from us (neighboring towns area). With 3 small children and a full time job we just don't have the time to deliver. You will either have to come pick them up or get a cattle hauler if it is any further than that. I can recommend some cattle haulers here in Texas, the going rate is $2 a loaded mile last time I checked but you would have to confirm with a specific hauler on price. They will often cut you a deal if you can wait until they have a load coming/going in your general direction. Contact me for names and numbers. Of course if we happen to be going to a longhorn event we can deliver there but we don't make it to many events these days. The kids keep us close to home.

We have now sold our previous Herd Sires, Jolt Loof, JH Big Rigg, and SHR Texas Rio. If you see them listed as a Sire, I have included a reference picture of them at the very bottom of this page.

I have put together a long article about everything that I know about Longhorns and their care. I have included products and where you can find them. It's a long read and I have probably forgotten to include something but it's listed below and on the home page if you want to take the time to look at it. It covers lots of questions that I routinely get from people looking to own or get into the Longhorn business. A lot of this is my personal opinion and experience and not every contact or product is listed. Please click here for Cattle/Product information.

Please note as I have had this come up recently with a buyer. ALL our calves and heifers are branded with a private herd number (which I also use as their ear tag number) at WEANING. This is usually at 6 months of age.  All registered longhorns must be branded with a 3 or 4 digit number and holding brand to be registered. We place ours on the left rib with the holding brand on the left hip. See my section on brands in the Cattle/Product pdf if you have more questions on branding.

LL Prissy's Black Beauty - Heifer calf - $1,750
Black and White, Ear tag 1725
DOB - 11/13/17, measured 16.25 inches TTT on 5-7-18
Sire - JR Flash, Dam - Krissy's High Prissy, see parents pages for pedigree
A gorgeous black with white specks heifer that will look great in your pasture!! She is very tall and leggy just like Flash. Snatch this one up quick!! She is weaned and ready to go!! 

Photo taken 5-11-18

I've just decided to put up one of our older cows for sale. We are just sliming down the herd a bit. She has been a great cow. Yaupon LL is listed for $2,000. She will come bred to JR Flash. Click here for the link back to her page for details. Johne's negative.

Longhorn Skull for Sale. Set A - lays flatter against the wall. Measures 63 inches tip to tip. Cleaned and polished and ready to hang on your wall. Horns can be removed for shipping. I have no idea how much it would cost for shipping but my best estimate is $50 to $75 as it needs to be packed in a large box, possibly 2 boxes.  I won't know for sure on the shipping price until I have an address to send it to. Price for the skull is $350, this does not include shipping. Buyer pays shipping.

Longhorn Skull for Sale. Set B -  horns come forward more than set above. Measures 56 inches tip to tip. Overall shape is kind of like a goal post. It is cleaned, polished and ready to hang on your wall. Again, I can ship but won't know how much it would be until I have an address to send it to. Price is $350 for the skull, this does not include shipping, buyer pays shipping.

Unnamed Heifer calf- $1,000
Black with white under belly, Ear tag 1721
DOB - 9/7/17, Measured 18 TTT on 5-7-18
Sire - JR Flash, Dam - Miss Texas Penelope, →
See parents pages for pedigree
She is really tall just like Flash. She has some white under her belly that is hard to see in the photo. She could be a really nice looking black cow when she matures. The genetics are there if you will take the time to let those black horns grow. She comes from one of our sweetest cows who from what we have seen passes her great disposition on in her offspring. Although her coat looks like it has some brown it is still her baby hair and when she finishes shedding that winter coat she will be shiny black. The late winter fronts we had threw off their shedding a bit for this spring. She is weaned and ready to go.  Has already tested Johne's negative. Will be DNA tested, branded and ultrsounded soon.

Photo taken 5-14-18


LL Blossom Queen - Heifer calf - $1750
Sold!! Thank you Kurt Migl!!

Black and White, Ear tag 1726
DOB - 11/16/17, Measured 17 TTT on 5-7-18
Sire - JR Flash, Dam - Awesome Blossom PC349, → see parents pages for pedigree
Another pretty spotted heifer calf!! She is very friendly and hard to get a good picture of as she is always coming toward you. She is not quite as tall as the other 2 Flash calves listed on this page but she has a nice thick body already. Her Dam has given me some of my best calves so I expect this one to turn out pretty great too!! She is being weaned now. She has been ultrasounded and is Johne's negative. She will be ready to go at the end of May. 

Photo taken 5-11-18


LL Almond Joy - Heifer calf - $1,500
Red and White Speckled, Ear tag 181
DOB - 2/19/18, Measured 7.25 TTT on 5-7-18
Sire - LL Reject's Rowdy, Dam - Cashew, → pedigree coming soon

She is out of very flashy and very sweet natured cow. Look at the flash and color on this calf!! She has already been DNA parent verified. She is weaned and ready to go!! She will add some color to your pasture!!

Photo taken 5-14-18


LL November Sky - Heifer calf - $3,000
Black and White speckled, Ear tag 1627
DOB - 11/17/16, Measured 38.75 TTT on 5-7-18 and 26.25 Total Horn on 9-22-17
Sire - Jolt Loof, Dam - CO Awesome Blossom, → Click here for pedigree

Once again we have hit the jackpot on a colorful heifer!! Her mama has wild colors too so just imagine what this one will throw in her future. She is a big bodied calf that will make you a great foundation cow. She is weaned, branded, has had all her tests done and is ready to go. This is one to add to your herd. I won't mind keeping her around though, she is going to be a great one!! Tested Johne's negative. Currently being exposed to LL Reject's Rowdy.

Photo taken 5-14-18

LL Cactus Jack - Trophy Steer - $3,500
Red and White, Ear tag 598
DOB - 7/2/14, Measured 76.75 TTT on 5-7-18 and 79 Total Horn on 9-22-17
Sire - JH Big Rigg, Dam - JB Cactus Flower, → Click here for Pedigree
We really love this beautiful boy and don't mind that he stays here!! But I decided if someone can admire and love him as much as I do that I would let him go. This is the first steer that we have let grow out here just because he was so pretty. Gorgeous color and super sweet personality. I think he would eat cubes from your hand but I have too many other pushy cows that keep him away. He will let you get pretty close to him and he is very curious of me every time I'm out in the pasture. If he had a smaller group to be with I think he would be "in your pocket" with not much effort on your part. He's just in too big of a herd right now. Although he has come up when I didn't even have any treats and I touched his nose. He is a special boy!! He will be over 80 inches TTT soon!!! He's a real eye catcher!! Tested Johne's negative.

Photo taken 9-12-17

LL Sebastians Star - $1,500
Red with white, Ear tag 1710
DOB - 4/16/17, Measured 28.25 TTT on 5-7-18
Sire - Sebastian, Dam - EOT Kandar's Star, →Click here for pedigree

I was going to keep this cute girl but just decided to offter her for sale. Her Sire is a beautiful big red spotted bull. We bought her Dam from Debbie Bowman's reduction sale November 2016 and this bun was already in the oven. Her Dam is a big cow and Sire a big bull so this should be a nice one. She has had ultrasound done and tested Johne's negative. We did not do DNA verification on this one as we didn't own the bull and the Dam came to us bred already.

Photo taken 5-11-18

LL Little Dreamer - $3,000
Black and White paint with roan, Ear tag 1718
DOB - 6/5/17, Measured 19.25 TTT on 5-7-18
Sire - Jolt Loof, Dam - 4 bar little Smokie, → Click here for pedigree

What a knockout this little heifer is!! I really wanted to keep her but you can't keep them all. She is the kind that everyone is looking for and I think I have her listed at a deal right now!! I don't have a lot of room here to put two pictures but I am including a second one of her below to show all the color on the side of her face and neck. She is weaned, ultrasounded, branded, DNA tested and ready to go!! Tested Johne's negative.

Photos taken 5-11-18

LL Jessie - Heifer calf - $1,300

Red and white, Ear tag 171
DOB - 1/11/17, Measured 33.5 TTT on 5-7-18 and 20.5 Total Horn on 9-22-17
Sire - Jolt Loof, Dam - LL Jezabelle, → Click here for pedigree
 She is a beautiful heifer and her Dam has the best personality!! She is already very curious and sweet like her momma and will walk up to you in the pasture and let you touch her nose. It would not be hard to bring her a treat and make this one a pet!! She is a big bodied calf also. She is a special one!!! Has has all her testing done and is ready to go. Tested Johne's negative.

Photo taken 12-16-17

For your reference -- below is a picture of our previous Herd Sire, Jolt Loof
(who we have now SOLD). To view his pedigree click here

Photo taken November 2014 - he was only a 2 and 1/2 years old here

For your reference -- below is a picture of our previous Herd Sire, JH Big Rigg
(who we have now SOLD). To view his pedigree click here

Photo taken in 2015


For your reference -- below is a picture of our previous Herd Sire, SHR Texas Rio
(who we have now SOLD). To view his pedigree click here.

Photo taken 1-13-13